Sign Out Button/Option for Experience Builder

11-09-2020 03:28 PM
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My organization loves the new Experience Builder application. They love how they can access multiple AGOL applications/tools and resources in one application. However, we are looking for the ability to sign out users. When my organization's users need to leave their desks, they often close their browsers to exit the application and ensure that they have signed out securely. Instead, they would like a button or an option to sign out of the application securely and take them to the sign in page of the application when they are ready to sign in again.

This would be a great enhancement to Experience Builder, especially as more organizations are using this application for everyday operations.



Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi Carlos,


So basically you would like to have an option to include a sign out button in your experience, correct? I am going to add this as an issue to see if we could add a feature to include a sign out button to log out the current user in an active session.


Hi David,

Yes, that is correct. We would like that feature so that our users can sign out when they have to leave their active session and sign in when they are ready to go back.

We hope to see this feature soon.

Thank you so much!



This is something my organization also needs. We have departments accessing sensitive information and they are asking for a definitive way to sign out of the application.


YES PLEASE. This is a no-brainer for sites w/ sensitive information. We need this ASAP!


We also need this sign out option. Please let me know when this is going to be available.


We also need a sign out button - users are accessing/entering sensitive data.

Is there any progress on this?


We also need this, as we also have an EXB app with sensitive data in public safety, law enforcement, and health/life safety areas. 


We also need this Sign In/Out.


We need this too. It's also helpful for users to be able to see which account they're signed in with and switch accounts if necessary. I know I can just jump into Portal or AGO and do this, but for most of our end users, that's not intuitive.

@DavidMartinez  @AlixVezina @Jianxia Can you provide an update on this idea? I checked the roadmap but didn't see any mention of it. Thanks! 🙂



This discussion has been ongoing since 2020 !...

And nothing news about this update...
So sad because I need this too.
Is it possible to have a clear answer from #ESRI?

Is it possible Yes or No to include this option in the 2024 road map please?

Many thanks