Settings for Adding Item Counts and Percentages to the Pie Chart Legend

12-27-2021 07:54 AM
Status: Open
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The placement of labels around the pie chart could be better. Sometimes, even with a 2px label offset, the labels seem to overlap the chart a bit.


And increasing, for example, to a 4px label offset, the label can begin to get chopped off at the outer extent of the widget. If anyone has found a way to make this work better, I would be interested to know.


We do have the option to not show the labels (toggle off "Value label" in the settings) and allow the user to simply find the categories, counts, and percentages by hovering over the slices. In this case it would great to have settings to add the counts and/or percentages into the legend. Separate settings for counts and percentages would be best. I would prefer a Color-Patch/Count/Category/(Percentage) format like this:


The reason I prefer the count and percentage to be separated is: when visually scanning a list of numbers, I find it much harder to figure out what I need to if there is another set of numbers right next to them. In the end, widget settings for where to place counts and percentages might be best if possible.

It would also be great to be able to set the number of decimal places for the percentage.

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Yes! I run into this all the time. More settings to better control the labels and avoid cutoff would be amazing.