Set height and other settings to auto/responsive by default

09-02-2021 01:36 PM
Status: Open
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As I'm starting to build Web Experiences, I'm discovering that I'm spending a significant amount of time scaling different elements to look good on mobile devices. The main reason I'm finding is because many of the elements like text, columns, etc. are defaulted to use pixels or percent for their size. This lets you make a nice, precise looking desktop app, but it ends up looking really bad on a mobile device, which is a lot less forgiving with the smaller screen.

Beyond generally making the different elements within Experience Builder be more response/mobile friendly, would it possible to use the existing options but change the default settings for them when you add them to your experience so that they're already set to auto size and other settings that will make them scale down to a phone better?

I know there's the option to build customize the mobile interface, but it'd be nice not to have to do that since in effect that means you're building two apps instead of one.


Yes! Strong agree! Would love for the default to be set to auto instead of by pixels.


Would like to see this implemented at least for text elements. I don't think I've encountered a scenario where I would want a text element at a custom height, since if it's in a %-sized container the text can get cut off at lower screen resolutions.

Auto height (and in all applicable cases, width) seems to be the logical choice for text elements and would like to see it as the default.

Additionally, I've noticed that, if I set a text element to "auto" height but then drag it onto e.g. a column or row element, the text is reset to "custom" in pixels, and I have to set it back to auto once again. (Was going to post this as a separate suggestion but this thread seems close enough.)