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04-05-2021 07:19 PM
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I'd love to see a Search widget that is removeable from the map but can be placed elsewhere on the Experience Builder page.

A lot of our maps that our customers used are based off the idea of 'tell me how this affects my address'.  Therefore it would be awesome to have the search bar as the main feature at the top of the page, then below this the map respond to their search.

The search bar should be able to be emphasised and prioritised over an inside map search bar as this will be user friendly for people unfamiliar with using the usual map navigation techniques.

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Yes, if you use the Query Widget - this can be placed where you want. You then set the query to ask for user values. Adding an action/trigger will help orientate the result given in the query results.

If you want to show more asset info, you could have a card setup to show info based on the query or if you direct the user to select assets visible in the map frame.


@JonathanMcDougall  Thanks for the idea.  I've had a play around now that Experience Builder has had an update and tested out the idea of using the Query Widget.

This almost does what I'm wanting 😄  However ... its very complex looking. 

I'm wanting to put this on our public website where anyone and everyone would use it.  Therefore it needs to look more 'google search' like rather than high techy like the query widget.  Being able to type, have auto suggestions and hit enter.  Pure simple search bar.


Hi, the alternative would be to create a zone finder web app and make your data layers searchable for results, this gives the user that "type in a box experience". If using the zone finder app I suggest removing the geocoding layers so you're not complicating things with returning addresses as well as assets.