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Search Widget for Experience Builder

05-04-2020 07:50 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Experience builder should have a search widget, separate from the search you can enable in the map or in a list. One obvious situation is that you want the search results applied to both the list and the map. That's not possible currently, as far as I can tell. Beyond that, you should have full control to configure search options, style the widget and control the placement.

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The functionality described by the original post would be very helpful. Currently, the search associated with the list and the search associated with the map are separate, which may be confusing to users.

In addition, the search widget on the map cannot be set to automatically "expand" when you enter the page, and its position within the map cannot be changed. Because of this, users who are unfamiliar with these environments may fail to notice or utilize the search widget. Having more control over the placement and expanded state of the search widget would be incredibly helpful in improving the end-user experience.


I also would find a configurable Search widget very helpful in ArcGIS Experience Builder.


Agree - Experience Builder needs a search widget similar to web app builder. The fact we cannot remove the World Geo coded address in Experience builder is a big downfall. 


The Search Widget is really missing. At the moment I can build up my Expereience Builder bage based on filtering, but there are so many things that you can't filter out instead you would like to search it from map layer/table. Also query Widget would be really healpful.

Please add Search and Query Widgets into the development plan if possible. 


Currently, it is not possible to query elements on the page (list, map, etc) without search and query this environment is not filling the needs for our end users especially non-gis related personnel who are used to find information by entering keywords.


I'm with others on updating the search tool functionality.   I hope Esri dedicates a large team to get Experience Builder up to feature parity with Web App Builder.   I guess I'm frustrated by the constant churn of new products, yet missing functionality.


Trying to use Experience Builder today to get layer grouping that I set up in Map Viewer Beta to come through.  Using my pre-grouped rest service did not allow me to add custom label expressions.  Now in the final stages of putting together a rather simplistic web app and I cannot configure the searching as I had in Web App Builder (which does not see my layer grouping).  Two steps forward and one back all day and now back to the drawing board.  


If you are willing to use the developer edition you might take a look at this post:

Esri hasn't responded to the downsides of my custom widget, so your Kudos are welcome in case that influences their decision to respond.

The code would have to be updated (very easy) to reference your own geocoding service, featureclass, or just the geocoding services in your portal if you would like (the way it is in Esri's Map widget).  It is also likely that you could figure out how to update more styles on the JSAPI Search widget inside the custom ExB widget similar to what I have done by overriding the CSS width property for the input element.


Yep a search widget is essential. Coming from the WABD environment, replicating the standard query and Roberts Esearch widgets would be fantastic additions and give the product more required functionality . Many of the WABD widgets are missing and need to be developed before we can move. 



I'll add my vote to this widget upgrade.   Actually, I wish Experience Builder would start getting closer to feature parity with WAB.   It seems like the widgets are still lagging way behind.