Save button for Table, rather than automatic refresh for every edit

07-19-2021 09:16 AM
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I am using Experience Builder for a quality control application and I let some volunteers help with data validating. We utilize the table widget in Experience Builder to do this. I have noticed, however, that the table refreshes after every edit, making the user have to scroll to where they were every time there is an edit made, impacting our workflow. I suggest instead of a refresh upon every edit, there be a button to "Save All Edits", then the table refreshes, or maybe the option for the button or automatically refresh.


Completely agree, the immediate refresh causes the table to "snap" back to the top of the table after each edit, losing your place in the table. Not only that, it also resets the descending/ascending order sorting. Room for improvement for sure.


I agree, the automatic refresh is also impacting the workflow of some users in my organization. It would be great to have a "save all edits" option instead!


I have a filter set up on a field that users can edit.  Once they make the edit, the row disappears because of the filter.  It would be nice for them to make the edit and still see the row until they eventually "save all edits".  


Just code the widget properly. Surely the whole point of React is to make nice seamless smooth running web apps. The focus implementation, the drop down domain lists are just plain clunky. Ultimately it's just bad design.


I like this idea. Here is another idea for dealing with just the refreshing/scrolling to top part:



@wayfaringrob We ended up having to recode the table widget to correct the implementation errors by the Experience Builder team, we now have it working properly. We also had to code our own solution for adding and managing related records in the edit widget.