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06-22-2021 09:06 PM
Status: Open
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It would be great to have a Report Widget.

The idea is that you would select you feature services that would be used to inform the report. Similar to the S123 Reporting tool and then export this report as a PDF or Image format.


The example is that a investigations officer needs to report of a property of interest. The report would include the organisations logo. map frames, attribute frames, and other information that is required by the investigation officer that will provide the information.


Once they have selected the property of interest they have the ability to export the map to PDF.

I think this functionality would be useful across multiple agencies and also increase the uptake an use of web applications.





You could probably set this up in ExpB - have a landing page to manage the data, filters etc., then on page two the report would be shown in the format you wish. Means that you could also have the officers just use a mobile device view of the report, rather than an image or pdf.



Thanks for that.  I was thinking about this as an option. 



You may be interested in this post.

Printing EB scrolling page to PDF - Esri Community

Reporting ideal if within single page report, for now. You'll be able to create the solution I suggested, only printing the second page if created as that single page report.



Thank you. 


We are trying to create a custom Parcel Report that generates a multi-page PDF of selected parcels. This functionality exists in our legacy app built in Geocortex, but does not exist in Experience Builder. Sharing the results of our research:

Implementing the custom Parcel Report to print a multi-page PDF of selected features like the one in Geocortex will require a custom widget, similar to the Geoprocessing widget in Web AppBuilder.

  1. The Web AppBuilder (WAB) Select widget is not integrated with the Print widget, based on this documentation:
  2. The WAB/Experience Builder Print widget does not allow users to select features as input inside of the widget, based on
  3. The only out-of-the-box (OOTB) way to use a selection to generate a PDF map series in AGOL WAB would be to use the Geoprocessing Widget. This would require writing new GP script, publishing GP Service, configuring widget. Etc. Note, this is not an option for Experience Builder.
  4. There is not an Experience Builder Select widget that is integrated with the print widget
  5. There is not a GP widget in Experience Builder. It looks like it is on the long-term Experience Builder roadmap though


We are hoping to eventually do the exact same thing!  We also currently use a legacy version of GeoCortex, and we would like to rebuild all of our GeoCortex sites as Experience Builder applications. The biggest obstacle right now is how to recreate a multi-page parcel-based report, which currently is generated by a GeoCortex Workflow tool.

We have in-house Python expertise, but not with the ArcGIS Javascript API, so we too have been hoping there would be a way to develop a geoprocessing service to handle the report generation.

Keep us posted if you make any progress!


Just wanted to chime in here as well. A mulit-page and multi-feature report and print/export to pdf functionality would be awesome. That's a missing piece for us as well. What about integrating reports in Pro with the ExpB? (Open the web map in Pro > make a report > publish the Pro report as an ExpB page)