Related Tables in ArcGIS Web Experience Builder

03-08-2021 07:23 AM
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I have read in the blog that having the ability for the web experience to ingest related tables is in ESRI's road map.  Does anyone know when that is planned? Ball park ? 6 months 6 years?

Many thanks for any intel 


Also looking forward to hearing any info about related table support in ExB!


Same here. Any news about this idea?


@LaurenMiller78 Can you share the link to the blog? I'm very excited to hear it.

The link to related tables in Web AppBuilder works pretty well. My only suggestion for improvement is to highlight and zoom to the selection in the related table. I like how you can control the actions in Experience, so I hope when they add the ability to view related table, it will make the actions customizable as well.


I was told by end of 2020, then end of 2021, then by UC.  Now today looks like another punt.  

-Support for editing and reading related records is being discussed within the context of our 2022 road map, and has lots of support both with our internal teams and end users. We're targeting this year, but there's still much afoot, being only in March--but rest assured, this functionality is high value and it is coming. Thanks again!-

Pretty crazy to have a RDBMS system with no R.  I really hope classic gets extended new map viewer is just plain not ready.  I am getting concerned for sure.

Some of us have been asking for it here 

Also the separating of tables and FCs is just plain weird.  And you can group FCs but not tables.  Again just weird here what is the use case for this?  We have 3 programs in a map and we group tables and FCs together by program in the old map.  Now no way to do this.  These tools seem to be developed with 2-3 layers in mind when in real life we have 20-30 items.

My idea is why cant I put any content I want in the TOC.  Imaging have links to PDFs or help sites etc.  So many custom web maps out there do this kind of stuff but Esri is always forcing us into a very specific way that is very narrow focus and breaks down at scale.  I think they need some more real world experience on the team.  Don't get me wrong I love the teams and they help but they just seem to be getting farther away from how things work in the real world.  Also the priorities seem weird.  Get the core stuff working before the fancy stuff.




@DougBrowning Is classic map viewer getting retired? I totally agree that the new one is NOT READY.


Added to post above but... No I have not head a date at all but in this post they basically said they are not updating anymore so the clock is ticking.  I get the move to JS 4 was huge, and I love they are finally using a common code base, but it seems to be taking forever.  I think if they would have concentrated on core functions first it would have helped.


Any updates on this ESRI?


@DougBrowning I can't believe that the new map viewer and experience builder don't work with related tables!  There are some funky workarounds in experience builder, but they are far from perfect and aren't user friendly.  Does anyone know how we can submit this as an enhancement so people can vote on it? 


It is in the roadmap still.  It has been for some time now but I keep hearing "this year".  


How do we have FeatureSets in pop-ups but not a basic table UI for the new Map Viewer and apps?

ArcGIS Online people should really talk to the field data collection Survey123/Field Map teams more....