Refresh embedded content

03-30-2020 08:07 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Provide a button in the interface to refresh embedded content (e.g. a dashboard) in ArcGIS Experience Builder.  I'm embedding dashboards in an experience, and if I edit the underlying dashboard, I have to save the project and reload the page to see the changes.


Great idea! At the moment the automatic refresh can be quite disruptive, particularly when presenting, analysing information, or even filling in a survey (we sometimes need to embed surveys in order to use specific url parameters), so having an option to control the refresh from the UI would improve the user experience. Thanks!


I agree, this would be very helpful for several of our applications.


I also strongly agree. My use case: 

I followed the directions here Adding a Splash Screen to Your ArcGIS Dashboards ( to embed a Dashboard inside of an Experience Builder app. The problem is, the dashboard always seems to be behind; using the browser refresh doesn't seem to do anything (clearing the cache helps sometimes, but is not reliable either). If I turn on Auto Refresh, the entire dashboard app reloads, so whatever the user is looking at is lost without warning.

Getting a native splash screen in Dashboard would also be helpful in this situation, but I think we ought to improve control over embedding regardless so we're not choosing between functionality and recency.