Refresh Data on All Data-Connected Widgets / Recalculate Expressions

11-02-2021 07:43 AM
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Our department uses Experience Builder for an internal workflow tool. Previously, this had been a Dashboard, but we needed some of the more advanced features and layout options available in Experience Builder. We moved the entire tool to EB, and have been very happy with the result.

I have noticed, however, that not all widgets connect to datasources the same way. A list, for example, will refresh at regular intervals, adding or removing records from the list as edits are made. A text widget will not, though.

In our specific case, we use a section widget with different lists of documents, according to the status of each document (open, review, hold, etc). The text widgets show the count of documents in each of those statuses, similar to what we used indicator widgets for in the dashboard. These will remain static with whatever value is initially calculated, and do not refresh. Users then have to refresh the entire page to see the updated counts. Some users have even opted to keep using the deprecated dashboard on account of this.

When I connect a widget to a dynamic datasource, I sort of expect that connection to be "live", so I find it strange that certain widgets do not behave this way.


Hi @jcarlson ,

Thank you for posting this idea. It is possible there is an issue with the widgets you have mentioned and we will look into that.

One thing you may still want to consider trying, if you have not already, is to enable auto refresh from your data sources. This setting is a little buried and you will need to apply it for each layer in your data source.





@AlixVezinaThanks for the response! I double-checked, and the refresh settings are turned on in my data source layers.