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Prioritization of Actions in Experience Builder

07-09-2020 02:54 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

So, I am currently struggling to understand Actions and their interplay with each other in Experience Builder. Some examples of issues I have run into are:

1. Actions conflicting with each other / strange Action loops. Ie. an action in the map triggers an action in the framework, which then triggers an action in the map.

2. Actions not following through. I have tried setting it so that a record selection change on the map changes the framework, as well as a map on a separate page. But, when I click a button to go to that separate page, the record selection reverts to the first record in the attribute table, rather than the record that was originally selected. I cannot find any rhyme nor reason for this.

It is difficult to describe the issues I am having as they seem specific to the dataset / aren't repeatable across separate EB projects. I am also struggling to make sense of Actions in general, which brings me to the "idea".

I am not sure exactly how these types of issues could be resolved, but if there was a way to 'prioritize' Actions (eg. one Action will always occur over another when there is conflict), or to see an overview of all current actions and change them in one space, rather than needing to go through each element, that might help a lot. Especially if that overview had some built-in error checking to prevent users from setting conflicting Actions. The element-by-element approach becomes difficult to keep track of after a certain point.

In addition to that, I am wondering if there is some documentation somewhere that goes into detail about best practices for using Actions.

Actions are a very powerful and exciting concept, and I really love the potential of them, but at the moment I can't tell if they are still rather buggy, or if they just aren't intuitive to me.