Print widget - Legend to show grouped layers and only layers in extend of map

01-25-2023 12:35 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

Hi ExB team, I'm loving the print widget. We are finding this very helpful and useful. In a recent web map we've made there are grouped layers, a very long list of layers in the legend and we're using a hosted tile layer for one of the layers to increase loading speed.

Is it possible when you make your next update to the print widget to include:

  • grouped layers in the legend
  • only include layers in the legend that are turned on and showing in the map extent



In addition to those suggestions, when printing with a layer in the map that is only shared with Owner, the print fails.


It looks like this was implemented in ArcGIS Online in February, but does anyone know if it's been fixed in Enterprise?


@LDreyfuss It still doesn't seem to be fixed in Enterprise 11.1 as of October  2023 😞 


The grouped layers part of your idea was fixed already, but I would LOVE to see the part of your idea where the legend only includes items that are within the view of the print area.