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Page ISO formatting

09-14-2023 06:44 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor II

I have a large EXB in which the user at the end can generate reports for a chosen area. Buttons direct the user to a pre-designed page with the print-preview URL-parameter. The page contains a lot of text and graphs, which the user can print to a A4 PDF via the browser print tool using print-preview. 

Configuring the page to fit ISO A4 with proper page breaks was a massive pain. I had to find exact pixel values for height and width, with large spaces between elements to make it structured properly as A4 PDF. The page itself is not intended to be used as-is due to how it is formatted, but it will look OK when printed to A4. It would be nice if the page could be used as-is though. 

I would like the option to structure a page according to an ISO standard, with visible page breaks and page margins. This would ensure the page could be used as-is, but also that it could be printed easily.