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05-28-2021 06:04 PM
Status: Open
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If possible the development of the menu widget to allow the adding of desired pages to a menu, more than just hiding pages from the menu.


Use case; I've a multi-page app - these pages are all referenced in the menu. From some of these pages I've hidden theme pages with a further sub-structure. I'd like to present the theme page with a menu navigating this sub-structure. For consistency I'd like to place a menu rather than relying on buttons or "tiles".

Grab showing main pages, theme pages and their sub-structure pages.




Adding my voice - more ability to control a Menu widget and what it shows would be nice!  I'd also like the ability to not only show and hide the pages I want, but also to include views in that, as well.  I wanted to add a menu of views on an available page (also in Tab format!) but that is not currently an option.  


I would find this useful as well! Example case: I am currently working on a project where it has been requested to create pages in different languages (english and te reo). The best way I can work out doing this is creating copies of the pages and then translating them on the new page. I plan to setup two buttons for the user to 'change languages', but really this just directs to the main page in either language. Ideally I would like to insert a menu navigation widget on each of these pages for navigating the sub-pages in each language, however, the current menu widget settings include all pages (that are not hidden of course). It would be great to have the option to select from a picklist of pages to be included. While I can use buttons (which I'll have to do for now) the user experience is better when the button's effects are responsive to the active page.