Measure Volumes with a new Analyze Widget

08-30-2021 01:46 PM
Status: Open
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I understand that Slice and Elevation Profile are currently on the roadmap for Experience Builder, but I strongly believe that a volume measurement tool should be added to this development branch whilst we're at it.

With the growth of drone photogrammetry platforms offering cloud apps with volume & cut/fill analytics in-browser; it would be great if ESRI uplifted another one of their Exploratory Analysis tools into the Cloud, and add it to the Scene widgets in the near future.

However, for volumetric analysis to be of value in this way, the widget tools would need to go a step further than the exploratory tools in Pro, providing options for the base plane from which the volume will be calculated: Fit plane, Triangulated, Highest point, Lowest Point. 

An excellent example of this tooolset can be viewed in a Pix4D Cloud web app.

Would happily discuss this with members in more detail.



We second this idea.  If the full functionalities of Pix4D & other SfM cloud-based tools can be realized within ArcGIS Online Experiences then we could transition all of our data to the platform - 1 centralized location for all 3D digital geospatial data.



Looking for this widget right now. If you don't have site scan, is there any other way to measure volume in a web app?