Map & Map Layer Widget Upgrades in Experience Builder

09-04-2020 03:05 PM
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Map Widget:

  • I would like to be able to delete data sources. I was having a problem with my data sources so I added it three times. Now I can't delete it but they are all called exactly the same thing, which is annoying.

Map Layers widget:

  • Remove the "bookmarks" layer from this widget when bookmarks are enabled. The bookmarks layer is not visible in the webmap, so I don't know why it is showing up here. It doesn't seem to do anything when users turn it on or off. Plus, I have a separate widget to manage the bookmarks, so it is not helpful here.
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The data sources can be managed on the left-side panel under the Data tab. You can go there and delete the unwanted ones.


The issue with Bookmark layers has been fixed and it should not show in the list in Map Layers or the map tool anymore. You can give it another try.