List widget should move selection to the top when selecting a point in Map Widget

02-08-2022 07:32 AM
Status: Open
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This is a request to enhance how the List widget action behaves when a user clicks on a location in the Map widget.

When you click on a location in the map, the List widget is set to draw a heavy black box around the associated card for that location. However, the List only scrolls up far enough to get that selected card at the bottom of the List. I'd like to have the List widget scroll up far enough that the selected item is at the top of the List. While testing the UX with people in my organization, the consensus was that they did not know that they needed to scroll down to find their selection. They wanted it to jump to the top.

For reference:

  • I posted this as a question to the Esri Experience Builder Community site.
  • I put in a Help Desk ticket to confirm that the behavior cannot be modified (Esri Case #02990311). Their response: "Unfortunately that is the expected behavior and can't be altered with settings. The list widget only loads a small portion of the data when opening to help with browser loading performance (loading the full list widget will be slow on some computers when loading the experience). As the list widget is scrolled down, the list populates with more data. However, when points are selected in the map which have not been loaded in the list they become the new "bottom" value on the list and show up on the bottom. When the list is fully loaded by scrolling to the bottom first, this behavior does not occur except for "William Newton Hospital" which is the true bottom of the data. The list cannot be reordered when selections are made as it is a reflection of the order of the data in the hosted feature service."