Increase Max Export Limit from Table Widget

12-09-2021 08:55 AM
Status: Open
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TLDR: we need the ability to export more than the first 5,000 records from the Table widget. 

We're leveraging Experience Builder to create a series of self-service tools that will enable users to explore and export subsets of our foundational datasets. For example, our initial use case revolves around users’ need to get visibility into our facilities layer. This layer contains 10,000+ point locations enriched with administrative boundary details. Our ExB tool allows a user interested in seeing what facilities we have in Vietnam to filter to just that country, then down to the provincial, district, and commune levels. As each filter is applied, the tool filters several widgets, including the Table element. From there, they can export the results to a csv. To deliver on this use case, and in order to scale to larger data layers like FTEs, we need the ability for users to export more than the first 5,000 records from the Table. Currently, this limitation means we cannot enable users to export at the region level or at the country level for some locations. Ideally, we would like to build these tools in ArcGIS, as we complete the enrichment in Pro; however, this limitation makes it likely we will need to export the layer out and build the tool in Tableau.