HTML code in Experience builder Text widget

10-06-2020 02:06 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

It is easier for some data to create template in a text field with html code. Experience Builder should interpret this code in text widget to use it in list widget for example. We could connect data to it and display information dynamically without text configuration in Experience builder


I saw that this option was almost enable in the embed widget but only with website url not with code. We should be enable connect to data when code is used and replace code field by attribute.


Supporting this idea. Furthemore the similar behaviour is available in ArcGIS Hub text widget where I can use html/css to specify my content to my needs. I would appreciate the same in Experience Builder text widget.


Additionally, full HTML should be supported in the String field type of a hosted Feature Layer so that you can use the input to the Experience Builder be a field value.  Currently it looks like that is not the case.  It appears to only allow Rich Text.


I support full HTML or at least RTF tag support in text. As it stand now, AGOL's map viewer will support <b> and <i> in a text field and display them correctly, but not Experience Builder.


Supporting this, it's a massive pain not to have this pretty basic functionality in EB.


There is a clunky workaround this if you have access to a webserver. Rather than putting HTML in a text field, instead put it in an HTML file on your web server. Then store the URL in the text field. Use "Embed" widget in Experience Builder instead of "Text" widget to get your HTML file into your EB project. You can also build the URL from an attribute if you don't want to store the whole thing. Like my project I wanted to embed HTML descriptions of various species as you click on that species in the list. I build the URL using the species code field and link that back to a species-specific HTML file.


I would like to see dynamic html (let us add feature attributes) in the emded widget. 

This is fairly common in other low code solutions. I like to use it to create custom charts using various APIs.

You could embed external viewers for 3d models, documents, 360 images, all kinds of stuff...