Group Filter Widget Absent in ArcGIS Experience Builder

02-07-2022 08:19 AM
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In ArcGIS Web App Builder there is a very to easy use 'Group Filter' Widget that allows you to filter across all layers contained in your application. This is a very useful widget! Why is this widget not in ArcGIS Experience Builder? From what I can see there is only a single 'Filter' Widget that only lets you filter one single layer at a time (not helpful at all if you have many different layers that need filtering to get a result). They also have a 'Query' Widget that seems to be pretty similar to the filter widget previously mentioned. Does anybody know how to filter across all of your layers in ArcGIS Experience Builder? 

To describe my issue, I have many different water quality layers with data associated with them. They are seperated by collecting agency. I then have a huc 10, huc 12, county, and parameter layers with key fields that match fields contained in each of the agency collecting layers. This allowed me, in arcgis web app builder, to group filter all of the agency layers by hucs, counties, or parameters based on common fields. Anybody have any suggestions as to a work around in ArcGIS Experience Builder??

Would be greatly appreciated.

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I totally agree, this functionality that was present in WAB was incredibly useful and didn't require the user to turn off/on multiple filters.