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Facilitate Control Of The Order Of The Initial Load Of Widgets

03-12-2021 03:49 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

This Experience, where we don't want to show any data on initial load, is a good example of why I make this suggestion:

When the Experience loads it seems like what happens is:

First: The lists load up items from the data sources.

Second: The maps load. Note: The maps have Actions configured to filter the data sources by map extent. And the map extents have been manually set to an area where there is no data.

Third: The lists empty.

The page load is very slow, and the items in the list coming and going is confusing for users. I am concerned that this strange behavior as a first impression might lead users to think the Experience isn't working correctly.

There is a strong preference to keep the design much as it is - we are following a website redesign directive that everything be revealed through vertical scrolling.

Perhaps this idea is a bit grand. I was going to suggest that the List Widget not load it's data until after checking to see if its data source is associated with an Action that filters the data source and then... I was not sure what to suggest then. There are probably a lot of ways that this could be addressed. Perhaps having an option to set a widget to not load data on initial load of the Experience is the best solution. I really didn't know whether the scope of the solution should be broad or narrow, so I went with the former. At any rate, something to address this use case would be nice.