Export all selected data to CSV

01-29-2020 01:25 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

I have created an interactive map using the basic jewelry box theme, one of my widgets is the select tool. This allows me to draw a polygon around a region of interest and view any layers that intersect with this.

Perfect exactly what I want and according to ESRI support they;

"could not find any tools that would be more suitable than the select tool you mentioned"

This is until I want to export the features I have selected, I then have to go one by one clicking the layers and exporting each individually to CSV, fine if i only have a couple of intersecting layers a problem when i have many.

I wish there was a batch export so it would export all layers at once, preferably to one spreadsheet. 

I understand that different layers have varying numbers of columns so wouldn't match up but even if there was a simplified table showing a cut down version of columns such as all the one they have in common o even just Name, geometry, location and size ths would be a great help and really streamline processes. 

Thank you