Experience Builder S123- Integration With Other Widgets

08-26-2020 08:57 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Hey ArcGIS Experience Builder‌ Team, 

It would be extremely powerful if the Survey 123 widget could connect with more than just the map widget. As you know not all data editing requires a map, therefore if there was a way to pass these "parameters" or "field question connections" from another type of widget that would be extremely useful. 

For example, currently we have a survey that staff need to edit but there's no spatial context to the information collected, not geopoint question therefore there map is irrelevant. We would like a clean way for users to look at the list widget, select the record, and then edit/populate the survey. 



I echo Amanda's request.  In our case, we are looking to use this setup in Experience Builder as a Public commenting tool for Transit-related items.  It would be better for those utilizing the app to be able to select using a more "textual cue" as opposed to hunting for a specific point on a map (i.e. an intersection name as opposed to looking for said intersection point on a map - even if labeled).


I would like add my vote for this functionality.  I am building a public facing application as well for an Adopt-A-Program where constituents can find available roadways, trails, trailheads, and paths, and using a Survey123 form, submit an application.  The plan was to hopefully select the available feature in the list, which would auto populate in the form.  I find that it will lead to alot of problems trying to enforce them to select the feature in the map prior to submitting the form to capture all the data automatically.  Integration with other widgets to send data to the Survey123 app will create a cleaner and more useable application.