Experience Builder: Edit all pages / apply to all pages

07-16-2020 01:44 PM
Status: Open
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In working with multiple pages in Experience Builder, there are sometimes changes that need to be made across all pages for consistency - for example, the appearance and placement of a menu, or buttons. While Sections can allow Views to be used within the same page for that type of consistency, I sometimes need things outside of the Section to be different between different pages (eg. having a Filter widget appear on the sidebar). Having some way to establish a "framework" element that could be edited for all pages simultaneously, or applied to all pages (similar to how, within the List widget, alterations to the 'Regular' appearance can be applied to the 'Selected' appearance) would be very useful.

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Agree completely - we have an experience builder. It would be more efficient to be able to update the same element across all pages to keep the look consistent.