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ExpB Working with Image Services

03-29-2023 01:50 PM
Status: Open
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Esri's Image Services have opened up a range of possibilities for organizations to share large volumes and numbers of raster data and this has really been a paradigm change for what we can do in web services instead of working with local raster files and geodatabases.

ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online must have been the latest addition to the Esri Image Service strategy and it is great to see Esri's commitment to also bring this to the cloud/SaaS.

There have only been a limited number of helpful tools for using and interacting with Image Services in the out-of-the-box Esri web applications, however, especially to make the most of the multidimensional capabilities (the 'new' MapViewer has now finally got the option to determine the image order and to add Raster Function Templates and one of the InstantApps is able to provide some interactions with Image Services).

In Web App Builder, there used to be no out-of-the-box widgets for interacting with Image Services, but Esri thankfully has a Github repo with the WABIS (WAB Image Services) widgets that can be used in Web App Builder Dev Edition. The WABIS widgets have done a great job for us and we have considered migrating them to Experience Builder Dev Edition - but so far, the learning curve to do that has been too steep and I have a hunch that other organizations must be in a similar situation.

Please consider adding out-of-the-box Image Service interaction to Experience Builder and/or migrate the existing WABIS widgets to Experience Builder Dev Edition to complete the story for ArcGIS being a full Image and raster platform.

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Great Idea and absolutely needed.

Up to now there is no way to exploit the full capabilities of an Image service in ExpB. WABIS had a lot of functionalities but for me the minimum required is the render-on-the-fly and image ordering capabilities.



This is a must! Please Esri, take it into account 🙏...