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Enhance Basemapgallery-Widget to sync with map-widget

07-24-2023 11:14 AM
Status: Open
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Its' great that we can now use a "standalone" basemapgallery-widget. To make it really usable, please enhance it with "interact with a Map widget", similar to the Map-Layers widget so the map-basemap-gallery-widget can show the same selection as the standalone-basemap-gallery-widget.




We have an Enterprise Portal with own basemaps. The organisation basemaps, all their content and the basemap-group is public. However, public experiences are not showing our basemaps in the basemap-gallery, since our portal has to have "anonymous access" disabled, therefore the anonyms call to the portal "what are your org-basemaps?" is blocked (even though Basemap-Group and Basemap-Content is public...). With the standalone-basemapgallery-widget and the "user-specified basemapgallery" we can work around that an import the public basemaps even with "anonymous access disabled".