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Enable Triggers and Data Actions on Button Widgets

02-08-2022 10:56 AM
Status: Open
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We would like the button widget to direct users to customized URLs or display alternate text based of a trigger or data action. In our example, users search for an address that then selects a parcel record that contains information on their trash pickup services. We would like users who get municipal services to see text that says "Report Missed Pickup" and directs them to a URL to make the report, and users who get private pickup would get text like "Contact your Refuse Company" and no URL. This would be done based on whether a field in the selected record indicated that it was public or private services.

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I think this can be done.  Do you have your own address points and are you willing to intersect them with the parcels to get the "Report Missed Pickup" text and the URL as attributes on the points?

In addition, do you need to use a locator source with the Search widget, or is using a layer source going to work for you?