Dynamic Links in Experience Builder

05-13-2020 09:15 PM
Status: Open
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Hi. I noticed that in the list widget, it's not possible to create a link, except as an image. Or perhaps its possible, but its not intuitive. You can add a link to an image, but the only option appears to be hard coding the link url. So, you can't use a field token, nor can you build a dynamic link comprised of text, field tokens and or arcade expressions. Pretty limited.

So, the idea is to support more robust options for creating links either image or text based with dynamic options as described above.



Hi Zorba,

We add a set link option for the list items and not sure if you find this dynamic link option under the set link pane. It is supported in Text and Image widgets as well. In the Expression option, you can do some string concatenate and insert some variables from the data source. But we haven't supported Arcade now. 



This is for the list item itself, not the text item within. The link button on the text items are greyed-out.

Agree with Idea, need to set dynamic links for text items. Case scenario: List of Parks, each Park has links (in attribute table) to website / tour / PDF etc


@RDCOGIS / @ZorbaConlen1 

With frequent enhancements to Experience Builder, @RDCOGIS  I believe what you are after is now possible. Any text, button, or image, within a list or otherwise, can be connected to a data source of your choice and a dynamic link can be created from it. 

The workflow described below worked for me - 

  1. Before you start, add the relevant data sources needed to create your dynamic link on your Text Widget Content settings.
  2. Within the Text Widget, highlight the specific text you want to have a dynamic link created for
  3. With the text highlighted, go to the Text Widget's Content pane and click the "Link" button.
  4. Select web address
  5. Under URL, click the ICON and choose "Expression". Before creating the expression, make sure you select the correct data source and if you want it auto-populated, based on selected features, or default. 
  6. For the Expression, you will need to type in the expression box, currently copy and paste is not supported. Use quotes around your base URL and append dynamic information from your data source with a +, then select the relevant field from your data source.

e.g. "https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/abcdef123456789?mode=edit&globalId=" + {GlobalID}

See this related post for Expression formatting, which also discusses the same workflow with dynamic links on embedded content.

Hope this is helpful



Ryan, thanks for the info. I'll check it out. Cheers.


We've been trying the list item dynamic URL in this format:

"https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/abcdef123456789?mode=edit&globalId=" + {GlobalID}

however the link generated is "undefined".... if we remove the "+ {GlobalID}" it links to the survey123

so, in short, the GlobaID variable doesn't appear to be working correctly. Has something changed in experience builder?