Allow users to resize some widgets themselves including table and sidebar

11-02-2021 10:32 AM
Status: Open
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It would be really useful for front-end users to be able to resize and dock/undock some of the widgets in Experience Builder, so that they can change sizes to better suit their screens. For example, the table widget docked to the bottom looks fine on large screens but on small laptop screens can be too small for them to even be able to scroll through rows. I can increase the table to e.g. 50% of the screen, but this takes space away from the map. So if the user could control the size of the table themselves it would be much more user friendly. 

I can see this being useful for some of the other widgets too such as side bar, feature info, survey, chart, and probably others.

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Hi @DebSF ,

Thank you for posting this idea.

There are two existing options that come to mind based on what you have described.

1. Add the Table widget to a Widget Controller. The controller will allow the user to move and resize the window for the Table widget.



The widget controller will also adjusts to small screens.


2. Or use a template with a side panel, such as the Jewelry Box template. The sidebar (or bottom bar, if you dock it at the bottom), can be collapsed or expanded by the front-end user. See below for example:


Please let us know if you have an example on how this could be implemented differently.