Allow EB widgets to fill full screen like they do in ArcGIS Dashboards

03-15-2022 03:54 PM
Status: Open
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All of the widgets in ArcGIS Online Dashboards have a small icon at the upper right that appears on mouseover and allows a user to expand the widget to full screen temporarily: 


This is great UX, particularly for charts that can get cramped on small screens. In Experience Builder only the map has an option allowing a user to expand it to full screen. It would be fantastic if this function could be made a standard component of all Experience Builder widgets.


Echoing the sentiment.   I use the sidebar as a temporary fix, but it's not quite as elegant.


I strongly agree. Without this functionality, Dashboards is much more attractive as this allows lots of elements to be included, but users to expand the one of interest whilst maintaining the overview otherwise.