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Allow Button Widget To Update Attributes

11-06-2022 04:59 AM
Status: Open
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     I'd like to see the ability to use the button widget to quickly filter and update attributes in a data source. This would work similar to quick capture where you can program a button widget to populate certain fields. For efficiency this should be able to mass update multiple records that are selected either from a quick selection button or from using filter widgets or list widgets. No more than 2 clicks to select and update.

     My use case scenario is utility inspections and damage assessments during a major storm event where current workflows result in significant time being spent reviewing survey123 inspections and prioritizing/ assigning work. Currently our users are using a dashboard with an embedded survey but this is editing at a snail pace partly because of the very slow load time of the survey and the one at a time editing limits of this method.  This all is very frustrating for our non gis users because for the majority of work the edits are the same, updating a status field and assigning a crew.  I know I can use the batch editor tool in wab to do mass updates but that is not a 1 click solution either and a wap map does not work with the filtering or widgets of a dashboard or experience builder app so that would be a no go for us.  My ideal solution would be to have a row or list of configurable buttons in a dashboard style environment that will change the status of inspections I have selected and assign a crew to them.  I can also see having the buttons configurable on the fly by the end user.  That way if a new crew is brought on during the storm they can add or update the button at will rather than having to go back to me. Other potential addons for this could be using the button to email a screenshot of the dashboard or a csv download or report of the data. 

     I recently have started getting into experience builder and was excited to see a button option but was disappointed with it limited use at this time. 

    I really hope this is something that will be seriously considered by esri.  I strongly believe investing in easy to use flexible out of the box time saving solutions like this will pay huge dividends for esri and will provide increased value for thier customers. Frankly it's what will either help sell your products to management or completely turn them off.



This seems like a natural progression of EB and the button functionality, I'd love to see this implemented.


+1 for this idea!


I also would like to have this feature.

It would be a nice addition to the Instant App called Reporter.

Where it has a Heart for a Like. When the user selects the heart, it updates an attribute in the rest service.

This would also be useful for quick editing.

User clicks on a button and it toggles a value in the REST

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