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Allow a user to select multiple features using the Selection Tools "Point" option

12-12-2022 05:08 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

In Experience Builder there is a Selection Tools widget that you can toggle on/off. If on, multiple selection tools are available -- Rectangle, Lasso, Circle, and Line all allow the user to select multiple features, but they have to be adjacent or in close proximity to each other. The Point selection tool only allows one feature to be selected (again, unless the features are in close proximity). The enhancement request is to enable the user to use the Point selection tool to select features that are not in close proximity to one another, perhaps by holding down the control or shift key when clicking on the desired features.


Selecting for ESRI online maps is challenging overall. In my work, I often have multiple stacked or overlapping polygons. Yes, I know this is bad topology, but we all play the hand we're dealt. So, being able to select and view multiple with a click would be invaluable in this environment. 


This feature has been provided in the latest AGOL October release:


Notice the difference of Ctrl vs. Cmd key in Wins vs. macOS devices.


Along with that, we also add additional freehand-drawing in the Lasso tool, selecting progress, etc. to enhance the map select behavior.





@TonghuiMing  Do you happen to know when this functionality may come to ArcGIS Enterprise or as a part of a customized ArcGIS Experience Builder widget?





The above screenshot indicates the capability of the Map widget select tool, released in 2023 R03 AGOL;

In the latest AGOL 2024 R01 release, there is a new OOTB Select widget, which also provides these features, if working with a map interactively.

Both should be picked up by Enterprise 11.3.