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Allow 3rd Party Hosted Widgets

02-28-2020 11:13 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Would it be possible to allow 3rd parties to host widgets online in their own infrastructure and allow those widgets to be consumed in the online versions of Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder?  

Currently 3rd party widgets require the "Developer Editions" of Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder. The logic I have heard to explain this requirement is if Esri were to host 3rd party code it would pose security and testing challenges. Problems with the current approach are:

  • Additional time and effort required to install the dev editions
  • Additional time to get permission and/or IT assistance to put completed app on web server
  • Some users do not have a web server where they are allowed to host their apps at all
  • Some users work at organizations with strict "out-of-the-box" only requirements that would allow for building an app entirely on ArcGIS Online, but not allow for an app built outside the online environment.
  • The name "Developer Edition" worries users unnecessarily that they will need to have development skills to use it
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This sort of widget integration on AGOL would make it a lot easier to manage our catalog of apps.