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Add "Does not start with" and Does not end with" query criteria into the Query / Filter Widget for Web AppBuilder / Experience Builder.

07-24-2020 06:01 AM
Status: Open
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Hello Esri,


 We have built out a variety of apps using Web Appbuilder and WABD for our agency. Our users have identified a business need to query a variety of layers and fields from the query widget (and filter within the attribute table) via "does not start with" and/or "does not end with" criteria. Currently, the widget offers a variety of query criteria (attached) including "starts with" and "ends with". We'd like to request the additional criteria be added to a future release of WAB / WABD for enhanced query capabilities on text fields. 

Thanks for your consideration!

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<attribute> not like '<String>*'


Thanks Robert- This would seem to work but i've had a couple of issues with this type of query. The first is it seems to return inconsistent results. I've shown an example below where the first record "Eastern Shore Solar LLC" is not removed as I'd expect...maybe it's my query or syntax but as many other records are removed (131 vs 79) I'm not very confident.

The second issue is more of a user / use case of the application. Most of our (200-300 users of these applications) aren't familiar with SQL or creating custom queries so we want to keep the pre-defined user queries / experience as simple as we can. I think you feedback shows how it shouldn't be too difficult for this functionality to be added as predefined query criteria in the Query Widget and Filter tool in the Attribute Table Widget. 


The two operators (Does not start with & Does not end with) have been added to Experience Builder for AGOL 8.3 (soon-to-be-released);

An issue has been logged for a similar enhancement for Web AppBuilder as well.


This is great- thank you Tonghui Ming!