Add predefined layer visibility configurations like in the Bookmark widget, but without saving the location.

09-27-2021 01:41 AM
Status: Open
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It would be nice to have a widget that allows you to predefine multiple layer visibility configurations. Perhaps by adding an option to the Bookmark widget not to save the location or by adding more options to the Map Layers widget. When you click on a bookmark, the visibility of the layers should change, but the current extent should not change. The current Map Layers widget is not what I'm looking for as you have to disable and enable each of the layers individually. My current workaround is to have multiple connected Map widgets and toggle between them using links in buttons. But it's not nice because it has to reload the view every time you switch between maps.

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I agree. I believe there is a similar idea somewhere in the top 3. It would allow me to make my reports more interactive. 1 scene, multiple layers, I want to turn them on/off using a button. I also use your suggested work around and it's too much work to maintain. 😐