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08-05-2020 02:33 PM
Status: Implemented
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Anxious to see a feature editor widget added to Experience Builder to gain parity with WAB. Have done some workarounds with Survey123, but they are clunky, labor intensive on the back end, and work best for existing features. Ideally, a new editor widget similar to the "Smart Editor" but with a more user friendly interface (read: BIG, customizable buttons built from feature templates and/or subtypes) is added to Experience Builder. Something that not only allows for the editing of existing features but for streamlined creation of new features and a form-based/popup-based interface for user attribute input. Perhaps it could receive input from map widgets (e.g. location), and be triggered by other widgets (e.g. buttons).

This would expand the utility of Experience Builder in a huge way.


Great idea! What I gathered from the UC it isn’t on their roadmap for this year. Hopefully within the next two years though. I personally am not a fan of the current edit widget in WAB for editing polygons. I hope they can enhance the user experience for editing that geometry type.


Hi Lance, thank you for your feedback! Would you have some suggestions on how the experience could be enhanced and examples of what you don't like with the current editing experience? 


Sorry for the delayed reply Alix! Please see below.

I would love to see two things. One is that if you could lock the map from panning while splitting a polygon or digitizing a feature. For example, if you click too fast while drawing a feature the map pans rather than adding a vertex. I would also like to see which piece of polygon I am merging two or more polygons into. For example, if I had two adjacent polygons in a parcel fabric that I wanted to merge I would like to select those, select the union function, have a box popup of the two features unique ids (Global Id, Object ID, etc) that I then can choose which one to merge into. It would actually be great if the unique ID could be setup on the backend by the application creator.

The second idea above is similar to the merge tool in ArcGIS Pro. It would also be great if topology rules could be implemented if data was coming from an enterprise geodatabase ->  referenced feature service. That's all I have for now!


Same!  I would love to be able to implement this into an experience.  Also quite willing to provide any feedback or ideas.  Currently working on an experience for Property Management to track their bridges and signs that are inspected and maintained by the county.


Ideally, table-focused with being able to select a bridge and immediately see its attributes and attachments.  Attachments include multiple photos and PDF inspection reports.  Would love to be able to select a bridge, and immediately be able to see attachments and add / modify / edit them as needed.


Would love to see ESRI's editor widget officially rolled into Experience Builder (Dev). 


Please add the Edit and Smart Editor Widgets to Experience Builder! Experience Builder has the capacity to be so much more immersive and user-friendly than WAB, but these are vital tasks!


@AndrewBernish__MDOT_ @PatrickPanza 

I watched the ESRI UC session: ArcGIS Online: The Road Ahead yesterday. The roadmap showed the Editor Widget on the 'Long Term' category. Not sure if that means a year, or two, or three?! Would be nice to see it in the near term category. It is a very important widget!  

@PhilLarkin1 Oh no! That's SO disappointing!


@AndrewBernish__MDOT_ Yes, especially considering this Idea was published nearly a year ago. 


@AndrewBernish__MDOT_ This is one of the most important features that should've been in the initial release. I cannot believe it is not available. Since WAB uses the older map viewer, there is no real way to have usable web apps on the new map viewer with the nice enhancements to UI and things like rotating the maps.

This is coming from somebody on Enterprise, so it'd likely be another year after AGOL, but I could still have some use case for using this on AGOL. Very frustrating news indeed.