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Add App State Checkbox, like Web AppBuilder

03-13-2023 09:59 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor III

Please add a checkbox similar to what exists in Web AppBuilder (see attached) to enable or disable the current state of the Application. Checked on, it will retain the map extent and layers visiblity while leaving the app.  Checked off, the app will be refreshed to a clean start.  Right now EB remembers the existing state, even any feature selection. This will confuse the user, or force them to go through a few clicks to return the app to a good starting point.


Agreed, that would be helpful. In most cases for my users, it's good that App State is the default, but having the option would be helpful.


I need a help for adding a checkbox  option in arcgis web-map in web application application. Could you please help me.