What is coming in Near Me in ArcGIS Online February update

02-28-2024 03:46 PM
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We have added some great enhancements in Near Me in February 2024 ArcGIS Online update. The updates include adding more functional parities with Near Me, Situation Awareness, Info summary and Screening in Web AppBuilder widget. Major enhancements we have added are list virtualization to improve performance,  a configuration parameter to show map symbols in widget panel, use all features from a layer as input search area and many more small but valuable features. We also organize the configuration experience for greater usability and better user experience.

Summary of the key enhancements in February update

  • The widget uses list virtualization to improve run time performance. Also, if you have lot of features in your web map, you may consider turning on the client side query option in the Map widget for your map to have better performance.
  • In results, you can include map symbols representing the symbology of features that meet the analysis criteria.
  • You have option now not to show input location address in the widget panel.
  • You can use data added at run time with the Add Data widget as input data for analysis. As for example, if you have a shapefile or file geodatabase layer for you survey areas, you can upload the layer using Add Data widget and then use Set location data action to use that layer as input search area in Near me for finding features within your survey polygons.
  • You can choose which sketch tools for drawing an input location appear in the widget panel at run time.
  • You can create an input search area using all features from a layer through Map Layers widget.
  • When any analysis only returns one feature, the widget now zooms to that feature automatically.
  • When exporting to CSV format, the name of the input layer becomes the name of the .csv file.

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The following docs will be updated tomorrow (29th February, 2024) after ArcGIS Online update

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Thanks for this information @AzizaParveen1. I have tried out the Near Me widget for the first time recently. Question - it looks like you have various input methods like a point on the map. What about typing in an address or zip code as input? Other than using the search and filter options from the Recreating Near Me workflows post?

Also, does the distance you set (coined as Analysis in the tool) consume credits? Just want to make sure.