Version 1.5 of ArcGIS Experience Builder Now Available

07-23-2021 02:01 PM
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Version 1.5 of ArcGIS Experience Builder developer edition is now available on the developers website. In addition to the enhancements from the June update of the online edition, it provides guidelines and samples on how to use the assets like images and videos, write unit testing, and use extension points to initialize the third-party libraries when the app starts or to modify the app config at runtime. You can also search the API reference. See the blog for details.

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So excited at the use-assets update. Being able to swap svgs dynamically based on context is going to be so much easier now! It's a little thing, but it helps. 

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@Jianxia Thanks so much for posting a new update.  While i was very excited to test out the new version, i deployed it much like i've done the previous versions, but for some reason I cannot load any data within the experience.  looking at the web logs, i'm seeing it still try to reach out to esri for something to do with OAuth and the identity manager.  I am running in a disconnected environment, and made the proper changes to the new 4.20 jsapi.  running portal 10.7.1 and have rebooted several times.  I am going to try to do a re-install next of 1.5.  version 1.4 works as expected still.  Thanks!

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Hi @Jianxia - question, and sorry if I missed this elsewhere, but is there documentation on the proper workflow for upgrading applications between versions- will copying the public/apps folder between 1.4 and 1.5 properly upgrade the apps or are there manual configuration file changes that are needed?

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@Jianxia and her team can correct me if I am wrong, or say so if there is anything else to add.  I do not have a reference to online documentation regarding this.  I haven't read over the documentation since a year ago.

I have migrated my projects many times.  To be very clear, you simply copy the folders under, for example:




I have never needed to manually change anything.  I believe the intent is that you will not have to do so when migrating (note that the AGO version upgrades in a seamless way too).  It would be interesting to know if there is any anticipation that something might be knowingly broken with the upgrade to a major version.  I am guessing not. 

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If your app does not have custom widgets, all you need to do is copy the apps folder, the new version should be backward compatible. However, if your app has custom widgets, you need to refer to the what's new to check whether you need to fix your widget code because there may have some breaking Jimu API changes.

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@BobbyHerrera @Sam_Berg @DaveFullerton , sorry for the delay and thanks for sharing. Here is the doc about upgrading your app.

As mentioned in Junshan's post above, pay attention to the breaking changes in the release for your code during the upgrade process please.

@BobbyHerrera - Could you contact Esri Support for the issue in the disconnected environment and share the bug number?  I will follow up.

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