Workflow to eliminate any schema errors when synchronizing replicas by using arcobjects?

05-18-2017 01:38 PM
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I want to design a bulletproof method to deal with schema changes in a two-way replication environment.  The setup is pretty simple: a parent replica where most of the editing and any schema changes will take place, replicated to a child where attribute editing will take place, but no schema changes will be made.

The GP tools offered be ESRI for comparing/importing schema XML have limitations, and I want the synchronization process to be automated and handle ANY and ALL schema changes that are made in the parent database.

In order to do this I am thinking the workflow would be like this:

Synchronize replicas

Un-register replicas

Delete contents from child database

Run "create replica" tool to re-create replicas and copy the replicated datasets to the child database.

Am I correct to think this would handle all schema changes?

I get that it would be expensive and add a good amount of run time to an automated script, but I don't want to deal with any schema errors.

I want the process to be automated, and arcpy doesn't have a tool to un-register replicas, so I would have to use arcobjects within a python script to un-register the replicas.  Anyone have any experience/success in doing that?


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