Will Webgisdr backup someday be OS agnostic ?

11-13-2021 09:22 AM
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We have an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment for a while now (since 10.3) running on Windows but are thinking about migrating to linux for various reasons.

But the current limitation is that webgisdr is not OS agnostic and we are afraid about rebuilding a new ArcGIS Enterprise from scratch. It will be a long scripting work and some manual operations we would like to avoid. 

Is it something you are thinking about ? Can we hope that someday a webgidr backup could be imported from Windows to Linux et vice versa or is it technically impossible ?

Just trying to figure out if it is worth waiting or not ?

Thanks for your feedback !

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Seems like you can migrate datastore to different OS:

"Restore a relational or tile cache data store to a different OS or release"

But not the webgisdr ?


"The webgisdr utility records the software versions of the ArcGIS Enterprise components when you create a backup. The deployment to which you restore must be at the same version it was when you created the backup. Additionally, you must restore to the same type of operating system. For example, you cannot create a backup of an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on Linux and restore it to Windows machines."

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