06-07-2018 06:29 AM
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Can the ArcGIS Web Adapter version 10.5.1 and above be deployed on WildFly or any other java container platforms in lieu of running it on local instances of Apache Tomcat 7/8?  we are concerned about performance.

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JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 is supported for the web adaptor at ArcGIS 10.6. My understanding is that the JBoss Community project was renamed to Wildfly to differentiate between the Enterprise and Community projects. 

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 (JBoss EAP 7) – final release – akquinet AG – Blog 

That said, I haven't explicitly tested. Honestly, I'd be a little surprised if you were able to achieve much of a performance improvement. The web adaptor is very lightweight - it's essentially a proxy server that forwards requests with a simple round-robin load balancing (if you have multiple GIS Servers in your site).

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Janie, as Randall stated above we officially support "JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7": ArcGIS Web Adaptor 10.5.x system requirements—ArcGIS Enterprise system requirements | ArcGIS Enterpr... 

  • While the innards of WildFly should more or less be the same as JBoss it's important to state that only JBoss is supported by name and so there may exist certain limitations on Technical Support should you run into issues.

That being said, it is technically possible to do so and I have deployed on Wildfly 11 on numerous occasions for setup of test environments. There are some quirks (for example, certain pages in Server Manager not appearing correctly) but these are usually browser-specific.

I have to agree with Randall that the performance boost is probably negligible in this case as you should also consider the hit you'll take if you're running the full-blown JEE stack version. I'm not sure about your needs but if you're set on not using Apache Tomcat, I would recommend:

  1. Reaching out to Esri Support Services to clarify the scope of support for WildFly - there's no point in spending the time to set up the environment if you can't get support for it. Since from our documentation JBoss EAP 7 is listed as supported and it is also stated that "Future updates on these application/web servers are supported unless otherwise stated," I can see WildFly 10/11 lying in the grey area as these should roughly equate to JBoss EAP 7/7.1. WildFly 13 might be pushing it as this one I think marks the development of EAP 8 (although it runs on 7 by default).
    • If you find that it is acceptable to run a WildFly configuration, I'd suggest using the servlet-only distribution if you'd don't need all the extra functionality - this will cut back on both file size and CPU usage.
  2. Considering another Java EE Application Server which is supported by name. I have deployed on GlassFish 4.1.1 and the setup and configuration for that was quite simple.
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