Why is the webgisdr utility complaining of space when there is more than 60% free space on the specified storage device?

06-28-2022 12:16 AM
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I was trying to upgrade a customer's deployment earlier from 10.9 to 10.9.1. The installation location for Portal and Server is the D drive, and the temp and backup locations are on the D drive as well because this is where we have enough space. Following the instructions on this page to backup the webgis, we got the error below from the utility and we don't know what to do next. Any Help will be appreciated. Th screenshot of the storage is also below. Thanks everyone.


2022-06-27 18:33:54 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.client.WebGISDR - Starting the WebGIS DR utility.
2022-06-27 18:33:56 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.storageservice.file.FileStorageService - Initializing File Storage Service with Base Directory: D:\Backup\PORT_JUNE_22 
2022-06-27 18:34:40 INFO [pool-1-thread-1] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.component.service.impl.DataStoreDRService - The following Relational ArcGIS Data Store has been backed up successfully:
Url: https://{hostname}:2443/arcgis .
2022-06-27 18:34:42 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.util.WebGISUtil - The backup of ArcGIS Data Store has completed in 00hr:00min:38sec.
2022-06-27 18:36:38 INFO [pool-1-thread-2] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.component.service.impl.PortalDRService - The following Portal for ArcGIS has been backed up successfully:
Url: https://{portalurl}. 
2022-06-27 18:36:39 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.util.WebGISUtil - The backup of Portal for ArcGIS has completed in 00hr:02min:34sec.
2022-06-27 18:38:08 ERROR [pool-1-thread-3] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.component.service.impl.ServerDRService - Failed to back up the ArcGIS Server:
Url: https://{portalurl} 
2022-06-27 18:38:08 ERROR [pool-1-thread-3] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.component.service.impl.ServerDRService - {"code":500,"messages":["Export operation failed. There is not enough space on the disk"],"status":"error"}
2022-06-27 18:38:08 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.util.WebGISUtil - The backup of ArcGIS Server has taken 00hr:04min:03sec.
2022-06-27 18:38:08 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.service.impl.WebGISDRFrontController - Deleting the temp directory D:\Backup\TEMP\WebGISSite1656347636209. 
2022-06-27 18:38:09 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.util.WebGISUtil - The backup of Web GIS components has completed in 00hr:04min:13sec.
2022-06-27 18:38:09 INFO [main] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.client.WebGISDR - Stopping the WebGIS DR utility.


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Is it possible to increase the storage on the backup drive? It could be a situation where the Server backup needs more space to backup than Portal and Datastore.

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Like @ABatchelor said, adding additional space on the D drive is the easiest solution. I would increase that drive to be between 300-500GB to make sure there is plenty of space available. I would also rerun the WebGISDr utility after increasing the space because Portal's backup time of 2:34 seems really low (generally is about 10-15 minutes) and I would be concerned that backup didn't actually save correctly because of the space issue, even though it says it completed.

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I'm not sure what your architecture is, but if the GIS Server is on a different host than Portal (recommended), it could be that there is not enough space on the Server host to run its export site operation. This task must complete before the output is saved to the temp folder on your Portal for the webgisdr tool to combine the various backups. Something to check- what is the size of the arcgis server and config directories (minus the cache folder). If Portal and GIS Server are installed on the same server, you might benefit from increasing space on the C:\ drive in case that drive is used for temp files while generating the site export. @JonathanQuinn  would probably be able to better explain this process and what kind of storage requirements would be needed to run the tool successfully.

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The components use the following default directories to stage the backups:

  • Portal for ArcGIS: <Portal_content_directory>\temp
  • ArcGIS Server: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp
  • ArcGIS Data Store: <ArcGIS_Data_Store_directory>\temp

You should be interested in ArcGIS Server, so assuming you changed the TEMP directory of the install user to the D:\ drive, I agree with @ReeseFacendini, increase space on the drive.


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Hi @JonathanQuinn  - are we able to control this setting via the admin API like the temp dir in portal? Is this a setting that could be added?



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Unfortunately, the TEMP directory is not exposed as configurable via an API, but it'd be a good enhancement request.

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Thanks @JonathanQuinn. We changed the temp var for our service user (we hit the space issue on backups as well), but it would be good to have consistency across the enterprise stack on how the software directories work and where temp content is written to.

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