Why do we need to publish slpk file twice?

11-18-2019 11:37 PM
New Contributor III

After upload the slpk file to the portal, why do we need to publish them to server again?

It seems all publish tool does is putting nodes, features, shared, resources file, AKA the slpk file, into couchDB. But I didn't see where geometry, texture and attribute file are.

When we view the scene layer, the portal fetch it from the couchDB, and there is still one completely useless slpk file in portal, wasting storage. If we delete it, the portal could still fetch the scene layer. So I belive the geometry, texture and attribute file are also in couchDB.

So why don't we directly upload slpk file into couchDB? I belive that would be faster, saving half of the time, and more efficent since we don't need to keep an extra copy in portal.

A more crazier thought, why do we need publish at all? Wolud it be better if we just give the url of a slpk file to portal for directly reading all nodes and resources inside? 

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