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Why am I receiving these geometry errors on my geometric network?

08-06-2020 11:44 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have been trying to create a geometric network for my organization's water utility system. Creation goes fine; it yields a feature class of thousands of orphan junctions, as well as a table of 36 geometry errors. I have been joining this table to the junctions feature class based on object ID to zoom to and view the error junctions, which are primarily error code 16 (defined: The junction is not connected to any other edge feature).

What confuses me is that this description doesn't seem to be the case when I zoom to the error junction. The edges will all be connected to one another at the junction point, and I can even alter one edge and have the entire junction react with it, which lets me know that the geometric network is properly functioning at that point. But no matter what I do, running the 'Network Build Errors' tool always tell me there there are 36 features with invalid geometry. Why am I being alerted to these errors, and how do I fix them?

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