When do we have to remove ArcGIS Pro from an ArcGIS Server machine?

08-25-2021 11:44 AM
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ArcGIS Server 10.9 system requirements—ArcGIS Enterprise | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise

"You do not have to upgrade or move ArcGIS Pro if it is installed on the same machine as ArcGIS Server."

Does this hold true for the upcoming releases too (2022, 2023, etc.)?


Software version requirements
If the ArcGIS Server site acts as the hosting server for an ArcGIS Enterprise deployment, the ArcGIS Server software version must be the same as the other base ArcGIS Enterprise components.

When you install ArcGIS Engine or ArcGIS Desktop clients on the same machine as ArcGIS Server, the ArcGIS clients must be at the same software version as ArcGIS Server. Therefore, if you upgrade ArcGIS Server to 10.9 or later, you must move ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Desktop clients to another machine.

You do not have to upgrade or move ArcGIS Pro if it is installed on the same machine as ArcGIS Server.

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Thank you for the information.  Very good to know.

However, Pertaining to ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap/ArcCatalog/ArcEngine), I learned years ago to keep the ArcGIS client apps isolated from the ArcGIS Enterprise because of the 32/64 bit mixture and the conflicts created by that mixture pertaining to EGDB connections.

If Administrators have the computing resources to do so, I'll still advocate for isolation of ArcGIS Enterprise From Client apps Like ArcGIS Desktop including ArcGIS Pro.  Just to keep things simple and somewhat predictable.

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