What will be the Impact after Changing IP address of VM server

04-19-2016 10:31 PM
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Virtual Machine contains ArcGIS for Server and Web Adapter 10.4 connecting ArcSDE geodatabase.

Please suggest what will be the impact & how to troubleshoot it.

Thanks in advance.

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If the IP of the VM host changing, or is the IP of the GIS Server hosted on the VM host changing?

Honestly, unless some resource is being referenced via IP and DNS is working properly, there should be no impact. If the HOSTNAME of the GIS Server changes, you'll need to re-register the web adaptor and re-create your HTTPS certificates.

Are you experiencing any issues?

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Thanks for your reply.

IP of the VM host will change and DNS will not change.

I didn't test and planning test after changing IP of VM.

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