What spatial type does Esri recommend for Oracle EGDBs?

04-01-2022 08:07 AM
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What spatial type does Esri recommend for Oracle EGDBs?


The reason I ask:
SDE.ST_GEOMETRY seems to have gone stagnant in the last 5-10 years. There haven’t been many enhancements made in recent memory, despite there being open ideas/requests submitted.

Has Esri shifted focus away from SDE.ST_GEOMETRY, and are now recommending we use SDO_GEOMETRY instead?

It would help if Esri could provide clarity in this area. Thanks.

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   There isn't really a recommendation to make here, Enterprise Geodatabases supports both. It really boils down to your needs and competencies with either geometry type.

   As you've mentioned SDO_GEOMETRY has more extensibility, whereas ST_GEOMETRY is relatively more locked down. It seems that you have usage experience with SDO, and your intent is on using that functionality. With that logic, SDO_GEOMETRY would work best here.

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