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What is the minimum Log Level to record user request on services?

09-06-2023 04:19 PM
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If I want to record users accessing services which level do I need I need the logs set to?

Can I confirm whether it is Verbose?


Work with server logs—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise



Peter T, Brisbane
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Go with "Debug" Level.

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Thank you for the amazingly quick response.

Debug seems pretty radical.

Our log viewer was very slow and we were advised to change it back to Warning.

We have a requirement that we see when an individual authenticated user requests an ags service and keep that log for 90 days.

Thanks again


Peter T, Brisbane
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I have been told by Esri support to NOT use the debug level for everyday logging.  The amount of logging activity will slow down the servers.  We have ours set to SEVERE.


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Greetings @PeterTQFES 

If you want to record users accessing services, try "INFO".  Here is an example of logging output set to "INFO" showing access to the SampleWorldCities service/MapServer:

However, if you want to troubleshoot problems with the Server, then the advice from @MarceloMarques is the way to go, but "DEBUG" level, as @berniejconnors mentioned, should be used just during troubleshooting, since it has a detrimental effect on the server performance not to mention the large size of the logs produced. 

Hope the above helps.

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If you're looking for metrics on Map service usage; consider looking at the statistics menu in ArcGIS Server manager (pic borrowed from another thread):


You can create custom reports for specific map services and use this to improve map service performance and system optimisation.

This can also be automated via python and REST:



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