What is the data directory for configuredatastore.bat --repair operation?

04-02-2018 02:37 PM
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I am looking to install the data integrity patch for 10.5.1 DataStore. Under the instructions for relational data store machines it calls for running the configuredatastore utility repair operation. What folder am I looking for to define the data directory parameter?  We have installed the DataStore on a 'D' drive instead of the C drive.

configuredatastore.bat <serverURL> <serverAdmin> <serverAdminPassword>
<directory> --stores relational --operation repair

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Esri Notable Contributor

It should be the directory you specified when configuring the Data Store with your Server, (for example D:\arcgisdatastore). It's not the install directory.

ArcGIS Data Store command utility reference—ArcGIS Data Store (Windows) Installation Guide | ArcGIS ... 

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Okay, I was leaning in that direction.  I have: D:\arcgis\arcgisdatastore


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